Entertainment Law

Entertainment Law

Entertainment and media law largely involves various forms of media and the arts such as music, theatre, dance, writing, visual arts, internet media and television. Entertainment law is a branch of commercial law that incorporates intellectual property law, employment law, and contract law. Entertainment law may also involve other legal topics like right of publicity, privacy law, secured transactions, cyberlaw, First Amendment, insurance, publishing, and advertising.

Consulting an attorney on entertainment law issues is important to understand your rights when entering into any type of contract or arrangement such as music producer and record label agreements, book publishing, performing arts tours, and art galleries. Artists, actors, musicians, press, authors, streamers, and content creators deal with entertainment law constantly.

Failure to understand your rights and legal obligations when negotiating and entering into agreements in the entertainment and media industry can lead to serious problems down the road that may be of surprise to you, but could have been easily identified and prevented with the help of an attorney. Each opportunity has its own intricacies and red-flags to be aware of. You might sign away important rights to your creativity you never realized you were giving away, or you may agree to terms that unfairly undercompensate for your products and services in the long run even if the initial offering looks great.

Additionally, those working in entertainment and media may benefit from consulting an attorney on crucial steps to better structure and protect their livelihood. For example, arts organizations, musicians, theatre groups, indie press, streamers and content creators can benefit from forming a business entity, getting important legally binding agreements defined and signed in clear and concise contracts, as well as learning how to properly protect intellectual property such as branding and creative works. While many of these options are best established early on, it can always be better late than never.

As entertainment and media evolve online and offline, so too do the legal needs of creatives. Pederzani Law is equipped to help you make informed decisions and support your legal needs when it comes to entertainment and media law.