Intellectual Property Agreements

IP Agreements

Intellectual property (IP) includes thought-derived creations and inventions, encompassing copyright, trademark, trade secrets, and patents. Each IP agreement is unique to the needs and goals of the parties involved. These agreements can be standalone or incorporated as terms of a larger contract, such as an employment or independent contractor agreement. The most common IP agreements are licenses and assignments.

Each situation with an IP agreement has its own intricacies and red-flags to be aware of. You might sign away important rights to your creativity you never realized you were giving away, or you may agree to terms that unfairly undercompensate for your products and services in the long run even if the initial offering looks great.

An IP agreement is often part of a bigger picture, such as a product license, transfer of rights, project development, work-for-hire, employment agreement, and may involve other issues such as confidentiality, trade secret, business goodwill, and partial licensing such as open source or custom licensing components under indie developer projects. Pederzani Law can help with all stages of intellectual property contracting including drafting, negotiation, and review to ensure your rights are protected and the right IP is properly conveyed.