Welcome patrons! If you choose to support my Patreon at tiers that offers a discount on legal services, these are the terms and conditions that apply to the discount promotion. If you have any questions about my services or the discount, please don't hesitate to contact me with your questions. Remember, please do not use Patreon to ask for legal advice

1. Prerequisites & Limitations

The Patreon promotion offered by subscribing to the service discount Patreon tier is a discount credit. It is not a retainer, prepaid plan, promise of legal services or representation. The tier makes you eligible for the discount if and when you become a client of Pederzani Law Firm, LLC. The discount only applies towards my charges for legal services (attorney fees) and cannot be used for outside expenses like filing fees (i.e., US Copyright Registrar, USPTO, Secretary of State, etc.)

IMPORTANT: Simply being a Patreon patron is not a guarantee I can represent you regardless of what tier you choose or how long you've been a Patreon patron. Some individuals and businesses may not be eligible to become a client depending on a number of factors outside of my control. For example, incorporation is generally a state-matter, so if you are not incorporating your business in New Mexico, I cannot be your attorney or incorporation purposes. Other matters, such as copyright and trademark, are Federal questions which I can advise on even if you are not a New Mexico resident; however, there may be limitations if it starts to involve a state-law matter, such as contract drafting. Other issues could exist such as if I already represent someone adverse to your legal interests for retaining my services.  

2. Requesting Your Discount

When you hire or retain me for legal services, you need to tell me when you are a client that you would like to use your Patreon discount before you are invoiced. You must make this request before paying the bill. If I cannot tell who you are through your Patreon credentials, I may need to confirm information with you to locate your account to provide the discount.  

3. Discount Calculation & Limits

I will review your Patreon history to date since you started supporting my Patreon or since you last used this discount, double that amount, and credit your invoice up to a maximum of 50% of the total attorney fees on the invoice. This discount credit rolls over and accumulates up to a maximum discount credit of $600 and does not expire.  

4. How Your Discount Applies

Depending on the services requested, I use flat rates (billed once) or I charge hourly (billed monthly) which will be laid out in the fee agreement. Your discount only applies to a single invoice in a given month. The amount of the discount caps at 50% of the total bill. Any leftover discount credit will remain on your account available for future bills.  

5. For Retainers or Prepaid Services

The discount can be used for retainer invoices, but you should know how it works. Every client's needs are different and certain situations may require payment in advance due to the work involved. These funds go directly into a special trust account in accordance to New Mexico's rules and are only withdrawn when services are completed, or for returning leftover funds to you when services are complete or representation is terminated. Think of a retainer like a temporary deposit that services are billed against.

If your legal services involve a retainer, the discount will be applied on the billing invoice before a withdrawal is made. The discount is not applicable on the initial retainer deposit amount.

  • You’ve been subscribed to me on Patreon at the $25 tier for 12 months and have never used a discount. You’ve contributed $300 on Patreon so your discount credit will be $600. You retain me for legal services and the total bill for the month is $450. The maximum discount is $225 (50%) so your bill is reduced to $225 and you’ll still have $375 discount credit left for future bills.
  • You subscribed in February 2019 for $5 a month then upgraded your pledge for $25 in July. You retain me in August and ask for a Patreon discount. Since your total pledge amount was $75 and you have never used the discount, your total available discount would be $150. 
  • Let’s say your August legal bill totals to $150. The discount caps at 50% of the bill so you would only be able to use $75 of your $150 discount credit. This reduces your bill to $75 and leaves you $75 credit to apply to any future bill.
  • You stay subscribed at the same tier and retain me again after 14 months in October 2020. You’ve now pledged $350 since you last used your discount. The total discount credit caps at $600 so even though the calculation would be $775 ($75 plus double the $350 in new pledges) your total credit would be capped to $600. 
  • Now let’s say your October legal bill totals to $1,450 with $385 in filing fees for a total of $1,835. The discount doesn’t apply to filing fees, so you’d have to pay those anyway; however, the $600 would reduce the non-filing fee portion of the bill to $850, leaving the total bill $1,235 and your remaining discount credit $0.