Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Cyberlaw is a collective areas of internet and computer related laws including but not limited to copyright, trademark, privacy and more. Pederzani Law Firm, LLC can work with you to issue spot and identify solutions to help protect and be compliant with your creative and business and general presence on the internet and social media.

Similar to cyber or internet law, this is a hybrid area that combines issues with copyright, trademark, business formation, employment law, contracting as it applies to those involved in digital media or video game related projects. Common situations involve dealing with publishers, sponsorships, embargo deals and monetization. Pederzani Law Firm, LLC can work with you on your needs as an online content creator.

There are many different forms a business can take such as sole proprietorship, partnership, corporations (S-Corp, C-Corp, Nonprofit), limited liability partnerships (LLP) and companies (LLC). How your business is formed impacts things like your liabilities or how you can set up operations. Pederzani Law Firm, LLC can work with you on understanding your options and forming your business entity.

There are several steps to becoming a nonprofit organization including an ongoing understanding of obligations under relevant state and Federal rules not just for the business itself, but for your Board of Directors and more. Depending on the purpose and vision of the nonprofit, there may be different Federal statuses under §501(c) to consider. How your nonprofit is formed impacts things like tax liabilities and activities your organization are permitted to carry out. Pederzani Law Firm, LLC can work with you on understanding your options and forming your nonprofit properly.

There are a number of contracts, licenses and other agreements that come from creative work and businesses in New Mexico. Some of these include but aren’t limited to:

  • Artist Commission Agreements
  • Copyright Licensing / Assignment
  • Music Production Agreements
  • Actor / Tech Theater Contracts
  • Contracts for Work-for-Hire; Deliverables
  • Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
  • Articles, Bylaws, Notices, Policies

Pederzani Law Firm, LLC can work with you on document drafting and review needs.

Pederzani Law Firm, LLC is available for attorneys and law firms without the expense of hiring a new associate. Services generally consist of review, drafting, IP consulting, research and related pre-litigation support, as well as available as Of Counsel.

General Counsel services are available for companies looking to have in-house support without hiring on in-house counsel. These services generally include those that arise in the operation of a company such as document review, drafting, risk management, legal compliance and policy matters.

When you have put a creative idea into some actual form such as a book, painting, piece of music or other “tangible” work, it’s important to know how you can protect that work, the difference having or not having federal copyright registration have on your work and where certain laws like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) come into play. Pederzani Law Firm, LLC can help you understand copyright as it applies to your works and creative goals.

Trademarks are about the identity your goods and service have through things like your company’s name and logo. Trademark usage is often common law (unregistered), State registered or federally registered. It’s important to understand the differences, and Pederzani Law Firm, LLC can assess your needs and perform applicable State and federal filings.

Safeguarding proprietary information can be very important. Trade secrets are things like formulas, practices, compilations and more that generally consist of something not generally known or obtainable by the public that give your business an economic advantage. Pederzani Law Firm, LLC can help you identify and implement measures to safeguard your trade secrets under the law.

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