Speaking Engagements

Public Speaking

Access to legal education for creatives is important to me and I love speaking engagements, presentations and panels. In my lifetime I have done many interviews and presentations for small groups, classrooms and occassionally larger audiences. My speaking experience ranges from formal presentations at board meetings to informal coffee with creatives and everything inbetween. Some key topics I can chat about are:

Creatives, Businesses & Nonprofits

  • Copyright & Trademark
  • How to Get Permissions, Legally
  • Fanfic, Cosplay & Other Fan Work

Online Creators

  • Video Games & Streaming
  • Dealing with YouTube Claims
  • Giveaways, Gambling & Contests

For arts creative, anime, gaming and other pop culture conventions, I do not charge anything; however, I will only attend conventions that cover travel, basic expenses and a day pass. For all other engagements, please contact me to discuss your needs.